Mares Ladislav Art Studio/Gallery (Slovak visual artist, painter and graphic designer), gallery, design, production and sale of paintings, wall painting- painting on the wall, art relax centrum- courses in drawing, painting courses
MARES studio/gallery, Gaštanová 8
811 04 Bratislava - Slovakia
tel.: +421 (0)905-114 118
Hotel B, 1992
comb. techn. on paper, A1
Seated, 1992
comb. techn. on paper, A3
Seated II, 1992
comb. techn. on paper, A3
Acrobat, 1993
tempera, A1
Touch, 1990
oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cm
Homer, 1992
tempera, A2
Still-life, 1993
tempera, A2
Paco de Lucia, 1994
comb. techn., 107 x 82 cm
Man's head, 1993
chalk drawing, A1
Still-life, 1992
pencil drawing, A0
Titus, 1992
pencil drawing, A2
Nude studies, 1992
pencil drawing, A1
Hands studies, 1992
comb. drawing, A3
Legs studies, 1992
chalk drawing, A4
Morning on building, 1984
tempera, A3
Water-melons, 1984
tempera, A2
Portrait, 1983
tempera, A3